23. October 2019

Project development on Marieninsel Frankfurt completed

In the Frankfurt CBD, Marienturm, some 155 metres high, and Marienforum, 40 metres high, and the public Marienplatz plaza are now all commissioned. Both buildings went into operation on time. In this way, the project development measure on the so-called Marieninsel is completed. Today, Pecan Development GmbH together with the investor Aermont Capital and the project partners Müller Reimann Architekten and Studio Patricia Urquiola presented the exclusive office-ensemble to the public in Marienturm.

According to the project developer Pecan Development the primary aim behind the ensemble was to make a lasting, forward-looking contribution to Frankfurt as an international office hub. “For us, turnkey of Marienturm marks the final element toward strengthening the link between the district round the Main Rail Station and the CBD,” explains Markus Brod, Managing Partner at Pecan Development. With the CULTIVATING WORK concept, a working world is being created that firmly foregrounds user well-being, he adds. “The symbiosis of eye-catching architecture and extraordinary interior design, coupled with a usage concept that has been well thought through has enabled us to offer users and visitors alike a high-quality experience throughout the building ensemble,” Brod continued.

“The Marieninsel development perfectly symbolises Aermont’s investment strategy, which is geared to supporting chance and the enhancement of downtown locations. In the form of the Marieninsel we are not just creating modern office zones that will ensure renowned global players remain loyal to Frankfurt. The supplementary usage mix also serves to open the CBD out to the general public while also offering high-end architecture to round out the appearance of the district,” comments Michael Sacher, Principal at Aermont.

Thomas Müller from Berlin’s Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten, which designed the building ensemble, attaches great importance to the urban context in which the Marieninsel came about: “Marienturm blends marvellously into the urban fabric by interacting with the high-rises in the CBD and expands Frankfurt’s skyline to include a new lodestar. Yet it also cuts a fine figure of its own, with its lean shape consisting of two slender slabs of different heights that interlock with each other and the characteristic, bronze-coloured façade made of metal, glass and anodised aluminium. Moreover, Marienforum’s powerful and eye-catching volume lends the location a special aura of its own,” is how Müller describes the design.

The interior design for both buildings has been masterminded by Milan’s famed Studio Patricia Urquiola. The designer’s signature style is particularly evident in Marienturm’s 17-metre-high lobby with the impressive wooden wall installation and the Chez Marie restaurant. “The lobby of Marienturm is treated as a transit zone between the working environment and nature. Mixing materials such as natural wood, stone, marble, concrete, metals and combining unique patterns and textures, reflects the merging of these two environments. The wooden wall at the entrance is a strong focus point for people from the street and from inside the building. It’s composed by ash wood timber blocks sticking out from the wall alignment and they are studied in modules which are deconstructed and recomposed in an enjoyable play of pixels”, says Patricia Urquiola.

The food-counter concept used at the Chez Marie restaurant on the first floor is also reflected in the interior architecture. “The concept for this space is to represent the culinary diversity represented in the interior design, creating three thematic areas in different colour moods. The space is conceived as an inspiring environment to feel comfortable as at home, for a pause, to work while eating, to eat and to share time with others. This concept is reflected also in the materials and warm colours used. The three-dimensional terracotta bricks create more intimate areas in the main space, re-interpreting the idea of the traditional material with a warm touch,” Urquiola explains.

The public lunch-restaurant and coffee bar is operated by Food Affairs, a brand of Compass Group, and recently opened its doors. The usage concept also includes a conference floor, a fitness club, and the public Marienplatz plaza with additional hospitality outlets in Marienforum.